Lab Planner/Scheduler/Coordinator - Employment Opportunity

We are currently seeking a Lab Planner/Scheduler/Coordinator for our dimensional inspection department. 

We are looking for a high-energy, success-oriented individual who has successfully implemented, improved, and maintained workload schedules. We are not looking for a follower or a bit player, but rather a leader with vigor and fresh ideas to spearhead scheduling improvements to help us keep our commitments to our valued customers.

Position Summary:

The candidate will be responsible for planning, preparing, scheduling, coordinating, and troubleshooting the inspection workload to support the department's quality objectives. Candidate will work in a demanding, high-tech, fast paced, environment where accuracy and quality are paramount. 

Primary functions include:

  • Lab schedule maintenance and enforcement: 
    -project and track start times, optimum completion times, and actual completion times
    -actively monitor scheduling at multiple points in the day 
    -communication, notifications, and adjustments when slippages occur 
  • Assistance with email communiqués and calls between customers, other departments, and the lab
  • Time estimates for lab services
  • Job traveler reviews
  • Itemization of engineering drawings
  • Final inspection report review assistance 
  • Finding inefficiencies and improving effectiveness
  • Assisting with tracking of report & job quality by operator (noting # of report revisions, quality and thoroughness of report, customer feedback)
  • Invoice review / corrections / traveler completeness

Miscellaneous functions include:

  • General lab organization and work flow improvements
  • Maintain position-related metric scores in the 90 percentile


  • We need someone who has previously created, implemented, and successfully executed workload schedules for multiple people and machines.
  • Minimum of 3 years quality/dimensional inspection related and/or manufacturing industry experience required
  • Excellent organizational skills
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  •  Excellent Microsoft Excel skills
  •  Highly proficient in the use of a desktop computer
  • College degree preferred
  • The ability to respectfully assert priorities to seasoned lab staff
  • The ability to work with little supervision
  •  Resourceful and creative problem solver
  • Knowledge of GD&T per ASME Y14.5 extremely helpful

    Out of area candidates will not be considered.

    Candidate must be a U.S. citizen or possess a green card.

    (When emailing resume, please attach file using Word or PDF format)

Compensation commensurate with qualifications, ability and relevant experience.

(When emailing resume, please attach file using Word or PDF format)

Please send your resume to Human Resources or contact us for more information.

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