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Q-PLUS LogoQ-PLUS Labs Expands Nano Measurement Capabilities

IRVINE, CA, April 30, 2014 

Q-PLUS Labs' nano measurement capabilities expand with the introduction of the cyberSCAN CT 300 from cyberTECHNOLOGIES. Mike D. Knicker, President of Q-PLUS Labs, Inc. was impressed that the machine met the company's high standards: "I initially greeted the CT 300 with the same healthy skepticism I have with all new systems, but after subjecting it to intense scrutiny and robust trials, it proved to have the capabilities we were looking for."

Powerful Precision
The high resolution, non-contact, 3D measurement system's scanning can be configured with a confocal laser, chromatic white light sensor, and white light interferometry which offer fast, precise, and accurate measurements on small and large samples. The CT 300's ability to measure large samples up to the size of the machine's 315mm x 315mm x 150mm travel area, as well as extremely small samples comes from its powerful sensors which possess a z-resolution down to 3 nanometers and a measurement range up to 25mm.cyberTECHNOLOGIES CT 300

Flexible Capabilities
With this level of accuracy, the machine is able to solve difficult processes to measure the coplanarity or points lying in the same geometric plane. It precisely measures irregular textures such as bumps which normally consist of highly reflective material, usually tough to measure for an optical system, and etches, which create an obstacle to measure for traditional 3D-systems.

The CT 300's flexible capabilities make it extremely useful for parts such as orthodontic brackets because the system offers a powerful solution for acquiring data in terms of the amount and degree of 3D geometry for small and miniscule sized objects, significantly filling the void between CMMs possessing tactile sensors and vision systems utilizing non-contact conventional optics.

Rapid Results
High accuracy across the entire travel allows for the measurements of PV solar cells, epoxy-film, or other printed and dispensed features as well as larger parts such as wafers, gaskets, or glass lenses to be inspected rapidly and precisely. The CT 300's software can handle up to 10,000 x 10,000 data points in one scan, and the machine has a data collection rate of up to 4 kHz, which efficiently minimizes the amount of inspection time.

"We wanted to enhance the ability to measure small objects with exceptionally high accuracy regardless of reflectivity or translucence. After what amounts to over a year of ongoing research, we expect the CT 300 to greatly expand and improve our 3D nano-scanning and surface profilometry capabilities," said Mr. Knicker about the newest addition to Q-PLUS Labs' impressive metrology arsenal.

For additional information on the system's complete capabilities, as well as Q-PLUS Labs and its wide array of dimensional measurement services, visit the company's website at, or call 949-380-7758.


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