DCC-CMM Full Automation Capability

CMM DCC Metrology

  • Fast, Reliable & Economical
  • Excellent Repeatability
  • Production Parts


DCC-CMM is the acronym for Direct Computer Control Coordinate Measuring Machine. A DCC-CMM is a programmable fully automatic universal dimensional measurement machine. It is the foundation of modern metrology and the predominant measuring equipment employed. With growing emphasis on control of the on-going process, DCC-CMM or CNC-CMM capabilities allow us to quickly and economically inspect large quantities of a given part or configuration. Whether it is a series of production part inspections, statistical samples for analysis, or a set of critical features for the entire lot, we offer the confidence of doing it right the first time, on time.

All of our CMM's can be programmed when inspecting more than one part. Part inspection programs can be either "learned" as the first part is inspected or programmed off-line. We can even write vector-driven programs to your 3D CAD solid model. Our robotic DCC-CMM capabilities offer the greatest savings in turnaround and cost as well as high gage repeatability and reproducibility.

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Join Q-PLUS Labs at Space Tech Expo 2017

May 2017: Join Q-PLUS Labs as we exhibit at Booth #7022 at Space Tech Expo 2017 at the Pasadena Convention Center in Pasadena, CA - May 23-25. Space Tech Expo offers the widest showcase of space-related technologies used in the design, build and testing of spacecraft, satellite and launch vehicles. Come see our selection of metrology equipment and learn more about all of our many services. We'll have application engineers & staff on hand to discuss your specific needs for measurement products & services. Click here for Free Exhibit Hall Admission.

Free Exhibits Q-PLUS @ Space Tech Expo 2017

Join Q-PLUS Labs at the 2017 Measurement Science Conference

April 2017: Join Q-PLUS Labs in Booth #312 as we exhibit in the 2017 Measurement Science Conference at the Disneyland Hotel in Anaheim, CA - April 6-7. Come see our selection of metrology equipment. We'll have application engineers & staff on hand to discuss your specific needs for measurement products & services. Exhibit Hall registration is free. Please see the show's pricing for all other events. Click here to register.

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Q-PLUS Labs' Service Spotlight: CT Scanning Services

March 2017: Did you know that Q-PLUS Labs has significant CT Scanning capabilities, specifically tailored to your application? For dimensional inspection, testing, or reverse engineering, our lab has the expertise to accurately measure large or small sized parts and assemblies. We provide high quality CT Scanning data, post processed into the information or results that you need (such as inspection reports or 3D CAD models). We are experienced in tackling projects with parts or assemblies containing many internal features, even those where nondestructive inspection is mandatory in order to gain access for conventional measurement or for other uses such as imaging and failure analysis. Click here to request a quote.

CT Scanning Service