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Q-PLUS Labs 3D Scans & Renders Santa Statue

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We’re always looking for an interesting way to convey our holiday greeting, so we at Q-PLUS Labs took on a unique approach to sharing holiday cheer with customers using a 3D scan of a Santa statue.

Our Process

To scan Santa, our engineers used the FARO Edge ScanArm HD which rapidly delivers point clouds with extreme resolution and high accuracy, even across different textures, including highly reflective surfaces. The scan data was then sent to Geomagic Design X, a poweful point cloud processing software for post processing, where it was quickly formed into a mesh and exported as a standard STL file.

The 3D file produced was a one layer, watertight mesh which was then separated into color regions. These color regions allow the mesh to be easily cut into multiple layers which were then imported into SpaceClaim to assign each individual layer its own color in context of the original Santa statue.

To render a 3D photorealistic version of the file, we used Keyshot, a program that has the ability to process and render the file in real time. This software creates incredible visuals with 3D data and was able to produce the animations of the final rendered Santa.

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