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Defining the cutting edge of 3D metrology, the PolyWorks software suite maximizes productivity, quality, and profitability when integrating 3D measurement technologies into an industrial manufacturing process. From part and tool design and prototyping down to final inspection of assembled products, PolyWorks offers advanced solutions to cover the complete product development cycle.

PolyWorks | Viewer makes it easy for industrial manufacturing organizations to distribute metrology results to all the decision makers who need to access critical geometric data.

Quickly Evaluate Measurement Results

The PolyWorks | Viewer solution allows everyone in the organization to quickly review the contents of a PolyWorks | Inspector metrology project. Thanks to a contextual project navigation toolbar, colleagues unfamiliar with PolyWorks® can easily select individual pieces from a multi-piece project, measurement object categories (Data Color Maps, Features, and so on), and individual objects within a category to view them in 3D. Also, the formatted analysis reports produced by the metrology team are accessible directly from the navigation toolbar. PolyWorks | Viewer makes it easy for industrial manufacturing organizations to distribute metrology results to all the decision makers who need to access critical geometric data.

Build Your Own View of the Measurement Database

PolyWorks | Viewer goes beyond its primary project reviewing functionality by offering the capability of extracting and reporting dimensional information that was not part of the original measurement plan. Using the Geometry Controls interface, users can control new dimensions and set up custom tolerances. The Data color map display can be fully customized and additional point annotations can be picked to highlight local deviations. For multipiece projects, users have access to the complete PolyWorks | Inspector SPC analysis toolset for object controls and surface data objects. Finally, PolyWorks | Viewer allows users to create new report tables, object annotations, snapshots, and formatted reports. With PolyWorks | Viewer, everyone can build their own view of the measurement database.


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