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Manufacturer Mergers & Rebranding

At Q-PLUS Labs, we understand the value of moving forward.  As technology and industry evolve and develop, so do the products, equipment, and manufacturers that we work with.  We are committed to updating and upgrading our services and equipment and providing quality up-to-date services for our customers.  If you have any trouble finding what you’re looking for, check the index below – it may have been migrated, updated, or replaced.

3D Systems

Geomagic – Rapidform

In 2013, 3D Systems acquired Geomagic and Rapidform, adding yet another series of dimensional measurement equipment and technology to the 3D systems repertoire.  While the names of some of the Geomagic and Rapidform products have changed, their function, UI, and run-time experience remain constant.

  • Rapidform XOR is now called Geomagic Design X
  • Rapidform XOV is now called Geomagic Verify
  • Rapidform XOS is now called Geomagic XOS
  • Geomagic Qualify is now called Geomagic Control
  • Geomagic Spark is now called Geomagic Design Direct
  • Sensable Phantom Omni is now called the Geomagic Touch
  • Sensable Phantom Desktop is now called Geomagic Touch X​

To read what Calvin Hur (of Geomagic/3D Systems) had to say, open the tab below.

14 May 2013