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Dimensional Measurement & Inspection Solutions

Q-PLUS Labs always wants you to consider us an extension of your company, but now you can put a little of Q-PLUS Labs right in your own facility.

How? We bring together the measurement and inspection products you need with the expertise of Q-PLUS Labs’ legendary service department!

You have parts to measure or a process to control but need a reliable measurement capability to support it. So that means new equipment, but what equipment? New technical abilities and skills, but which ones and how to find them? How do you bring it all together? Where do you begin? Maybe you don’t have the time and don’t want to spend months trying to integrate a solution that might work. You don’t just need measurement consulting or equipment or training or programming or validation. You need it all!

Q-PLUS Labs’ Integrated Solution Process:


We break down your challenge, select the proper equipment, and work closely with you and your team to develop a plan and cultivate solutions.


Industry-leading equipment is essential for efficient, accurate reporting and service.


In-depth, comprehensive training from basic UI management to best practices and more.


Expertise takes time to develop. In the meantime, we’ll write the programs for you: we’ll also take care of First Article Inspections for each lot, Gage R&R, Capability Study, etc. We can even setup the measurement process on-site!


We’ll run the same tests in our lab, just to double check. This is essential for ensuring that the integrated solution functions properly within specifications.

After you’re up and running, we can provide ongoing technical support and arrange periodic calibrations and maintenance by the manufacturer. Contact us today to learn how we can add value to your quality process.


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