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Optimet 3D Scanner (ConoProbe)

Starrett provides engineering and manufacturing services and designs and manufactures high-performance precision coordinate positioning systems. Offering the latest in coordinate positioning technology, Starrett employs design, testing and manufacturing techniques that guarantee performance and productivity, while generating confidence for its customers.

ConoProbe is a non-contact, single-point measuring sensor based on conoscopic holography. When integrated into metrology systems, such as the Starrett vision systems, it uses mathematical processing to transform the reflected laser beam into a 2D profile or 3D surface.

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The ConoProbe easily processes an impressive variety of working ranges when using interchangeable lenses.

Its sophisticated DSP (Digital Signal Processor) technology offers:

  • Superb precision (sub-micron with certain lenses)
  • Good measurement frequency (850 Hz)
  • Calibration data storage for up to 31 different calibrations
  • Extensive angular range coverage up to 170º wide.


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