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Part Sorting and Inspection

Inspecting and sorting parts is a corrective measure that may involve a few other services we also offer. It is important to find a company that is able to deploy personnel quickly to efficiently execute on these types of services, thereby streamlining the process to help get things back on track.

When a large lot of parts is found to contain defects or when a manufacturing process could not be adequately controlled the only viable option is to sort through the lot and separate the good from the bad. Q-PLUS offers both automated and manual sorting and separation services. These services are geared for any quantity from dozens to millions. Customized sort criteria include visual defects, missing hardware or components, welds, commingling, marking & identification, omitted or unspecified geometrical features and, of course, highly detailed and accurate inspections for dimensional anomalies. Results can be qualitative (go / no-go) or quantitative accompanied by a variety of useful statistics.

In addition to part sorting and inspection, some of these services offered by Q-PLUS Labs include:

  • Light part rework or repair
  • Light assembly
  • Part containment
  • Quality partnerships
  • 3D Scanning for recordkeeping purposes

Every company wants happy customers. Inspecting and sorting parts at their destination (or where ever they may be) will help save time and money in the corrective process, ensuring that you stay on schedule and deliver good parts. Services that help you provide defect-free products also help to reinforce your reputation with your customers while maintaining your product’s integrity.