FixLogix CMM Fixture Standard Component Kit

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The FixLogix standard component kit for modular CMM fixtures is the most effective and economical fixture system on the market today. An uncommonly wide variety of components such as vertical towers, cross-slide, and swivel-head are provided to improve setup flexibility.

The kit design and configuration allows individual components to be multi-tasked and combined into an unlimited variety of fixture setups for a wide range of part types.

FixLogix components are compatible with our t-slot fixture plates, and with other ¼-20 threaded grid plate systems. Our components are predominantly stainless steel and anodized aluminum for corrosion resistance.

Additional components and accessories are available.

Includes the following components:


  • (4) #CS1-1: 1” length x 1” dia. standoff
  • (4) #CS1.5-1: 1.5” length x 1” dia. standoff
  • (4) #CS2-1: 2” length x 1” dia. standoff
  • (4) #CS3-1: 3” length x 1” dia. standoff
  • (4) #CS4-1: 4” length x 1” dia. standoff
  • (Standoffs have ¼-20 threaded stainless screw on bottom and threaded hole on top)


  • (41) #C3125-5: 5/16” long x ¼-20 set screw SS, with nylon tips (Used in T-nuts and right angle 2-way T-nuts)
  • (2) #CTS-025050SS: ½” x ¼ -20 stainless thumbscrew with black knurled top (For use with cross-slide assembly)
  • (16) #CTN1: T-nuts, 1.5” long with (2) ¼-20 threaded holes (Used in T-slots of fixture plate or vertical riser)
  • (12) #CLN025: locknut with ¼-20 threaded ID (For use with clamp rods, thumbscrew, and spherical locator pin)

Clamps and Rods:

  • (8) #CTSC01: “Soft-touch” self-wedging tail-spring clamp (Patent pending self-wedging clamp works with clamp rods)
  • (3) #CR4025T: Stainless clamp rod, 4” long x .250 dia. with ¼-20 threaded end
  • (3) #CR8025T: Stainless clamp rod, 8.5” long x .250 dia. with ¼-20 threaded end (Use with locknut to attach rods to plate or standoffs)

Locating Accessories:

  • (2) #CMJS01: Mini jack-screw (Jackscrew and locknut are attached to standoff to create a mini jackstand)
  • (4) #CCLL: Large conical locator, 1” diameter (For locating in holes .125”- .850”)
  • (1) #CSWS: Swivel head assembly for horizontal or angular clamping setups (For multi-angle clamping or basing points)
  • (1) #CCSA12: 12” Cross-slide assembly, with clamps (Provides infinite adjustment between t-slots, and can be rotated)
  • (4) #CAR0251: Adjustable rest button, stainless, spherical top, ¼-20 thread (Used with standoff, creates a 2-way locator or mini jackstand w/ spherical tip)

Risers and Accessories:

  • (2) #CLR12: 12” (300mm acutal) vertical linear riser, six t-slots: 2 x 2 + 1 x 1 (Provides vertical setup functionality)
  • (6) #CAC-901: Right-angle connectors for risers, with (6) ¼-20 threaded holes (Provides flush mounting for a 2-way t-nut, with extra hole for components)

Component Case:

  • (1) #CKCC: Component case with compartments, 18-1/2” x 12” x 3”
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