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Quantum E ScanArm

FARO has spent more than 30 years bringing excellence into the marketplace. Through our wide array of products, and the innovations that have come with them, the 3D imaging landscape has been changed forever. FARO’s portfolio of portable coordinate measuring machines (CMMs) includes measuring arms, laser trackers, 3D laser scanners, and 3D imagers. These portable CMMs can be used for both contact and non-contact measurement.

The Quantum E offers an entry-level portable solution for organizations looking for a cost-effective, user-friendly and efficient factory inspection system. Reliable and robust, Quantum E has been tested to withstand the harshest shop-floor environments, enabling manufacturers to have full confidence in their quality assurance processes and ensuring high quality production.

Additionally, the Quantum E delivers market-leading portability and ergonomics along with plug-and-play 3D laser scanning integration with optically-superior FAROBlu technology. The measurement speed and ergonomics of the 8-Axis Quantum E allow you to take it to an even greater level. The eighth-axis enables rotation of what is being measured in real-time – meaning no difficulty reaching around the object, and no need to move the arm into different locations within the process. This eliminates wasted time and offers an easy-to-use measurement solution that allows users to focus on the actual measurement and not on the measurement processes.

Innovative Design for High Performance and Reliability

An all-new design ensures superior performance and confidence in measurement results in every working environment, while the FAROBlu, featuring blue laser technology, ensures best-in-class scanning capability. The 8-Axis Quantum E allows for capture with only small movements, reducing re-positioning needs and time to capture measurements. Every Quantum is tested for ruggedness and is factory-ready to ensure accuracy and performance.

Excellent Ergonomics and Usability

The advanced ergonomic design and overall weight optimization, combined with new features such as tool-less quick-change and kinematic intelligent probes, provide unequaled freedom of movement and an unparalleled measurement experience. With the ability to rotate the component being measured in real-time, the 8-Axis Quantum E dramatically improves ergonomic functionality and ease-of-use.

High Speed Wireless Operation

New sophisticated and robust electronic design delivers superior reliability and guarantees optimal wireless operation for scanning and probing, allowing unmatched reach across the manufacturing floor.

Extended Battery Use

Dual hot-swappable batteries support prolonged cable-free operation of the device, making it easy to go to the part without the need for external power.

FAROBlu Laser Line Probe

The FAROBlu Laser Line Probe HD and FAROBlu Laser Line Probe SD leverage optically-superior blue laser technology. The blue laser has a shorter wavelength than a red laser, and delivers improved scanning results with higher resolution, enabling it to discover smaller details in an object. The blue laser also provides a 50% reduction in speckle noise compared to a red laser. Speckle noise is proportional to wavelength and degrades measurement accuracy.

The Benefits of the Quantum ScanArm Include:

  • Fast Scanning Speed – The extra wide scan stripe and fast frame rate boosts productivity by increasing coverage and reducing scanning time. Combined with the eight-axis rotation of objects in real-time, the scanning process itself is even faster.
  • Scan Challenging Materials – Seamlessly scan across diverse surface materials regardless of contrast, reflectivity or part complexity without any special coatings or target placement.
  • High-Definition Data – Intricate components can be captured in fine detail as a result of the 2,000 actual points per scanline (FAROBlu HD) and the FAROBlu Laser Line Probe featuring noise reduction technology.
  • Color Scanning – RGB information and color point cloud data allow users to document, analyze and manipulate detail rich, 3D color point clouds (FARO Prizm) of a part or assembly on a computer screen. Proper decisions on the production floor can be made based on the availability of information not detectable with existing technologies.
  • High-Speed Wireless Operation – New sophisticated and robust electronic design delivers superior reliability and guarantees optimal wireless operation for scanning and probing, allowing unmatched reach across the manufacturing floor.


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