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Q-PLUS Labs Adds FARO 8-Axis Quantum S ScanArm with Prizm Laser Line Probe to Repertoire

By |2019-01-25T15:22:03+00:00January 2019|

Q-PLUS Labs has added the first and only eight-axis portable metrology solution available. The FARO 8-Axis Quantum S ScanArm is a comprehensive, contact/non-contact metrology solution that allows you to significantly speed up and simplify your measurement and scanning activities.

The Prizm Laser Line Probe, combined (if needed) with the Quantum provides the high fidelity required for accurate color point cloud data capture and is ideally suited for inspections where color data and visualization of surface texture are essential for analysis and documentation. You can also switch to grayscale or monochromatic modes, which provide options for higher scanning rates.

The resulting ScanArm is certified according to ISO 10360-8 for non-contact CMMs and the first portable measurement arm manufacturer to publish its non-contact accuracy specifications according to this standard.

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